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10 Car’s Names That Start with the Letter “N” Revealed

Cars Names That Start with N

Shopping for a new car can be fun and exciting as well as overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious, sporty, classic or a sport utility vehicle to go off roading in. Here’s a list of some of my favorite vehicles that start with the letter “N.” This is by no means a comprehensive list. But it should give you plenty of ideas to get you started on your car shopping journey.

1. Nissan

Nissan 400z

Established in December of 1933, Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer known for its cars like the Z sports car, sedans, trucks and buses under both the Nissan and Datsun brand. INFINITI is Nissan’s luxury division. Due to financial insolvency, Nissan formed an alliance with Renault in 1999 without which Nissan wouldn’t exist today.

2. Noble

Noble M15

Noble is a British artesian car manufacturer established in 1999. The Noble M15, for example, was built to take on cars like the Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430. Like a Koenigsegg or Pagani, each Noble is hand built to a client’s exacting requirements by a small team of craftsmen.

3. Neon

Dodge Neon

Although the Dodge Neon only saw two generations from 1994 to 2005, it left an impression on the automotive landscape for its cutesy design if not its aspirations in motorsports. The Neon was created to fight against the import market which was growing massively in the mid-90s. Even though the Neon name was under the Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth brands, sales weren’t great.

4. NSX

Acura NSX

Introduced in 1991, the Acura NSX was created to exceed the performance and reliability of V8 powered Ferraris. It incorporated a midengined layout housing a naturally aspirated 3.0-liter V6. The NSX also incorporated the industry’s first ever aluminum semi-monocoque design in a production vehicle along with a cornucopia of other race inspired features.

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5. New Beetle

Volkswagen New Beetle

First created in 1938, the Volkswagen Beetle was an economy car that went on to outsell the Ford Model T. The distinctive shape made a comeback in a big way with the New Beetle hitting the streets in 1998 sparking the retro-revolution in automotive design. This second-generation Beetle shared its chassis with the Jetta, Golf and Audi TT. Production sadly ended in 2019 due to dwindling interest.

6. Navajo

Mazda Navajo

The Mazda Navajo was a joint venture with Ford at a time when the collaboration of the two companies helped them introduce versions of their own car like the Mazda MX6/Ford Probe, Mazda B2000/Ford Ranger and the Mazda Protégé/Ford Escort. The Mazda Navajo was the Ford Explorer’s twin. Despite being awarded Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year in 1991, in 1994 Mazda pulled the plug on the Navajo and we never saw another Mazda SUV until the Tribute in 2001.

7. Nismo

Nismo Skyline R31 GTS-R

A portmanteau of Nissan Motorsports International, NISMO is Nissan’s performance division. Established in 1984 to boost sales through competitive motorsports, NISMO got its start way back in 1964 when Nissan acquired the local car manufacturer, Prince Motor Company. The first NISMO-branded car was the 1987 Skyline R31 GTS-R, followed by a 1990 Skyline GT-R.

8. Nova

Chevrolet Nova

The Chevrolet Nova was the first car my dad learned to drive. Produced from 1962 to 1988, the Nova has been a four-door family sedan and a two-door muscle car. But it’s always been intended to be an affordable, compact economy car like the Ford Maverick. Under the NUMMI partnership between Toyota and GM, the 1980s Chevy Nova was just a Toyota Corolla Sprinter wearing GM livery.

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9. Nitro

Dodge Nitro

Built on a slightly upsized version of the Jeep Liberty, this was the first car two of my friends purchased soon after they got married. They were excited about it. Then just as quickly as it came, the Dodge Nitro disappeared. It was only produced for six years. I think the reason why its death was so sudden is because it was introduced at a time when you could purchase an SUV with more luxury for the same price.

10. Navigator

Lincoln Navigator

Based on the Ford Expedition, the Lincoln Navigator was introduced one year later in 1998 as the Expedition’s more luxurious cousin. Luxury SUVs were just becoming a thing then. After high school a few of my friends pulled their money together to buy a Navigator. From children to divorces, like my friends, the Lincoln Navigator has seen lots of changes since 1998.