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6 Cars with a Crown Logo (A Symbol of Automotive Royalty)

Cars with a Crown Logo

A crown is a symbol of power and authority. Considering these qualities, that’s why a crown logo is often associated with luxury cars.

A luxury car provides superior levels of comfort, equipment and performance compared to the average car.

To that end, there are a handful of automotive brands that use the crown symbol to demonstrate the prestige of owning one of their automobiles.

Let’s take a look at a few cars with a crown logo.

1. Saab

A Saab steering wheel with a crown in the logo.

Like BMW, Saab began life as a manufacturer of aircrafts.

They’ve only been making automobiles since 1949 designing cars that dare to be different. And most of them have had a sterling reputation.

It’s still too painful to talk about how the automobile division of Saab no longer exists.

Can you guess where the ignition key goes in a Saab car?

2. Scania

The front of a Scania truck with a crown atop its griffin logo.

At one point in history Scania and Saab were one.

The two companies merged under the Wallenberg family group in September of 1969 until Scania became a wholly owned subsidiary in 1995.

Like Saab, Scania is a Swedish manufacturer with a focus on trucks and buses.

Scania stopped importing their vehicles into the United States in 1992.

Which is a shame because the trucks and buses look super cool.

3. Noble

The back of a green Noble M600 with its crown logo.

image source: Secret-Classics

Perhaps not as well-known as Koenigsegg, Noble is a boutique British supercar company established in 1999.

One of the reasons why they’re not as well-known is because for twelve years they only produced one car – the M600.

Constructed of stainless steel and carbon fiber, it’s a hand-built sports car that uses a twin-turbo Volvo/Yamaha V8 engine.

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4. Crown

The Toyota Crown logo on the grill of a Crown.

While it may be hard for us to believe state side, Toyota has been producing the Crown since 1955.

It’s the company’s primary line of mid-size luxury cars.

And after decades of absence in North America, the nameplate (along with the crown logo) has returned as a replacement for the Avalon.

Although the styling might not be what you might associate with luxury, its designed to appeal to the growing CUV market.

5. Pininfarina

A blue Pininfarina inspired 1960s Ferrari with a crown on top of the Pininfarina logo.

Pininfarina is an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder founded in 1930.

With core principles revolving purity, simplicity, innovation and beauty. They’re perhaps most associated with Ferrari, for example the F40.

And although the two companies have been collaborating since the 1950’s to produce some truly remarkable cars, in 2017 Ferrari decided to end their partnership.

6. Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo logo with a crown on top of the serpent's head.

Alfa Romeo has been building iconic Italian luxury and high-performance cars for over 110 years.

The name is a portmanteau of its founding name Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.

Perhaps imperceptible at a passing glance. If you look closely above the serpent’s head, you’ll see a crown.

The company took a hiatus from importing cars into the United States in 1995 announcing its return in 2006 with the Alfa Romeo 8C.