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9 Luxury Cars with Analog Clocks

Cars with Analog Clocks

I’m a fan of high-end watches.

There’s something about a good-looking analog time piece that lends a car a soupçon of style, elegance and class that a digital clock just can’t.

Cars with beautiful analog clocks were the height of luxury in the mid-20th century.

Then they fell out of favor in the 1980s only to make a resurgence in luxury cars in the mid to late 2000s.

Over the years premium car brands have teamed up with the likes of Swiss watch maker IWC Schaffhausen to design exquisite timepieces in their automobiles.

Come with us as we peruse some cars with analog clocks.

1. Bentley Bentayga

Breitling clock you can get in a Bentley Bentayga.

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The Bentayga is what you get when Bentley builds an SUV.

Breitling partnered with Bentley’s in house custom coach workshop, Mulliner, to design the Mulliner Tourbillon.

It’s an optional dash clock with an outrageous price tag of $160,000.

The party trick of the Breitling time piece is that it is a self-winding clock.

At the heart of it is a one-minute flying tourbillon in a titanium cage, beating at 28,800 VPH (vibrations per hour).

Along with a fifty-hour power reserve the Breitling runs off twin mainspring barrels that run in a series.

There’s a free-sprung, variable inertia balance with gold timing weights and the movements also get the full high end finishing treatment.

2. Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte

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In 1999 Ferrari took full control of Maserati making the company the prancing horse’s luxury division.

But unlike Ferrari one doesn’t by a Maserati to impress others. Rather one purchases a Maserati because of how it makes one feel behind the wheel.

The gold analog clock in 1980s and 90s Maseratis were made by Swiss manufacturer Lasalle though many people believe it to be Cartier.

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The Quattroporte epitomizes effortless Italian flair. And it receives an equally beautiful clock.

It’s oval shape and blue face are some of its most striking physical characteristics. Jaeger Le Coulture is the manufacturer of Maserati dash dials.

3. Rolls Royce Ghost

One of the beautiful analog clocks you can get in your Rolls Royce Ghost.

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Rolls Royce is arguably the most prestigious automobile brand on the planet.

To help foster that reputation, once, a client commissioned a bespoke car requesting that it feature a clock from their favorite brand, Bovet.

Currently the company is offering three new clocks to enhance the look and feel of your new Ghost: the Dynamic, Indulge and Technical Enhanced Clocks.

Each has its own design.

While the Dynamic makes a modernist statement, the Indulge as the name suggests grabs your attention with a jewel-like focal point.

And the Technical pays homage to the company’s founding father, Sire Henry Royce.

4. Lexus IS

Analog clock in the Lexus IS.

People love Lexus and it’s been such an enduring brand since its introduction in 1989.


Because the cars are built to be bulletproof. The analog clocks in these cars also serve as a focal point within a vehicle’s interior.

Lexus cars like the IS250 house a simple yet beautiful analog clog up high between the air vents. If your Lexus clock doesn’t come with the adjustment buttons located on either side of the face.

Then on the Remote touch, press the Menu button and select General settings followed by Clock to set the clock.

5. Infiniti G37

Analog clock in the Infiniti G37.

Infiniti cars have always been built with high-quality designs in mind.

But in my opinion no car has done as much to bring the brand to the level of public conscious it enjoys today quite like the G-Series.

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Infiniti upped their game introducing more power to the G-Series lineup with a new 3.7-liter engine replacing the 3.5-liter mill in the G35.

It competed favorably with other entry level premium sedans like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Acura TL.

The G37 features an elegant oval analog clock that adds to the car’s upscale aspirations located in the center stack just below the navigation screen.

6. Jaguar XJR

The analog clocks in Jaguars like this generation Jaguar XJR are actually manufactured by Ford.

Originally launched in 1968, Jaguar’s flagship sedan enjoys a prestigious position among elect nameplates that can say they’ve been around for over fifty years.

The first XJ was revolutionary at the time with an iconic design that the company has been reluctant to change for some decades.

Beginning in 1998 the XJ featured an attractive circular chronometer with round dials and a black face located between the air vents like the IS250.

On the back is a Ford parts number embossed on the back because of course this XJR is from the era when Ford owned Jag.

7. Chrysler 300

Analog clocks in the Chrysler 300 are actually made by Japanese electronics company, Denso.

Built on the same chassis as the Dodge Charger, the Chrysler 300 is decidedly more upscale.

To further distinguish the top-end 300 from its brutish cousin the muscular Dodge Charger the current 300 features a hexagonal analog clock with a white face that gives it a clean look.

Inside is the face of the clock is Chrysler’s logo. When the environment goes dark the clock emits an aqua glow.

As with all cars with a mind toward the luxurious the clock sits up high commanding attention between the air vents.

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These clocks are made by Japanese electronics company, Denso.

8. Porsche Cayenne

The analog clocks in Porsche like the Cayenne are part of the company's Sport Crono Package upgrade.

The Cayenne is Porsche’s first SUV.

On paper figures about its power and torque are one thing. But this is one of those cars you have to drive to believe.

Although it got a lot of flak at first for betraying it sports car heritage, the Cayenne won over critics when they realized that in spite of its size, the Porsche DNA remained intact.

Porsche mounts its analog clock way up high between two vents on top of the dash kind of like the digital clocks in 80s Hondas.

It features a simple black face with white numbers and orange hands. It’s part of the Sport Crono Package upgrade which can change in price depending on the Porsche you’re buying.

9. Cadillac CTS

Analog clock in the Cadillac CTS.

Originally introduced in 2003, this was Cadillac’s entry level luxury sedan. Launched in 2008, the second generation featured a more integrated design.

Although the knife edge design has been elongated by 1.5-inches, it retains the same 113.4-inch wheelbase with as an aggressive an appearance as before.

The width, however, grew giving the CTS a more planted feel. The second-generation CTS features an analog clock up high on the center stack.

Sitting just below the info screen it’s a round clock with a black face and white numbers flanked by two dials for controlling the radio like the Lexus.