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5 Luxury Cars with Electric Water Pumps (An Auxiliary Advantage)

Cars with Electric Water Pumps

An electric water pump has the very important job of moving coolant from the radiator to all the necessary parts of the powertrain.

It uses a controller to determine how much coolant circulates through the engine at given temperature ranges to maintain a target temperature.

Electric water pumps while more common in modern cars, aren’t widely used. They’re usually secondary units within an engine system.

You’ll find them most often in performance cars, including luxury cars.

Many luxury cars have a small auxiliary electric water pump built into the climate control system.

But instead of working to keep the engine cool, it’s part of the climate control system.

Checkout our round up of sweet luxury cars with electric water pumps.

1. BMW

The BMWs like this black E60 generation use electric water pumps.

image source: Pinterest

For years cars from the Bulvarian Motor Works company have been touted as the ultimate driving machine.

Offering a healthy dose of both luxury and performance, the brand stands out for its attention to detail and wide range of vehicles.

BMWs like this E60 generation 5 series utilize an electric water pump. And when they work, they’re great.

However, due to their failure rate, BMW advises replacing your electric water pump every 60,000 miles.

2. Mercedes-Benz

The latest Mercedes-Benz W213 uses an electric water pump that's connected to the cooling system.

image source: Pinterest

Although Mercedes Benz has been stepping it up in their performance offerings within the last decade, that’s not why you buy a Mercedes.

If there’s an automotive technology that’s become mainstream, Mercedes was likely one of the first automobile manufacturers to implement it.

Many Mercedes cars are equipped with an electric water pump, including the latest E series with the most current W213 (2017 to -) chassis code.

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It’s an auxiliary water pump that’s not connected to the cooling system.

Instead, its job is to circulate warm coolant to the heater core which helps regulate the temperature in the passenger compartment.

3. Lexus

The electric water pump on the Lexus CT 200h is one of the most durable you're going to find on any luxury car.

image source: LexusEnthusiast

With the human element at the core of the company’s goal. Lexus vehicles are beloved for their superior comfort and ergonomic design.

Not to mention their fantastic reliability which is something of a rarity in the world of luxury cars.

Introduced in 2010 for the 2011 model year with final production ending in 2017. The Lexus CT 200h is a compact hybrid as denoted by the “h”.

Its hybrid system helps it secure a total fuel range of 500 miles.

Is the car reliable?

It’s a Lexus, isn’t it?

According to the forum, its recommended to change the electric water pump every 10 years – some forum members have over 200,000 miles on their Lexus CT 200h and still haven’t had the need to change the water pump.

4. Audi

The latest Audi A8 uses an electric water pump as an auxiliary unit responsible for sending hot coolant through the cars heater.

image source: Motor1

While it’s the trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system that put the automaker on the map.

Audi is perhaps better known these days for delivering cars with technology, style, performance and well-crafted interiors.

Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show in March of 1994, the Audi A8 is now in its 4th generation.

Audi’s flagship luxury sedan wears a professional appearance. And it’s just as comfortable as the BMW 7-series and Mercedes Benz S-class.

Like the Mercedes, the electric water pump in the A8 is an auxiliary unit responsible for sending hot coolant through the cars heater to keep the passenger compartment warm on a cold day.

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5. Bentley

The 2006 Bentley Flying Spur's electric water pump is prone to failure.

image source: Mecum

This is by far one of my all-time favorite luxury car brands.

Bentleys are constructed with high-quality parts and the finest materials, contributing to the lofty price tag.

The Flying Spur is a full-sized high performance luxury sports sedan that treats you to an ultra-luxurious experience, which becomes especially apparent as you’re swaddled in the leather wrapped seats.

An electric water pump failure seems to be more of an issue in 2006 Flying Spurs. The loss of which results in a lack of heat in the cabin according to a forum member.