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Grey and Black Cars (Many Cars Are One of These Colors)

Grey and Black Cars

Most new cars are either white, followed by black in distant second and grey, at least according to data released by PPG.

Your car says a lot about who you are.

And so, it stands to reason that the appearance of your car is one of the most important aspects of the car buying process wherein the color you choose personalizes your vehicle.

However, despite the wide variety of color options available, grey and black are among the most popular vehicle colors.


A black Mercedes R230 generation SL500 looking elegant and sporty.

Especially when it comes to the luxury car market. Black tends to represent elegance and luxury.

And when it comes to performance cars its associated with speed and stealth.

I own a black car.

Actually, I’ve owned several black cars. While they look good, it takes some vigilance and work on my end to keep them looking pristine.

As well as upkeep, the other downside of a black car is heat (especially if you live in the south during the summer).

Black cars get hot and fast.

But if you can overlook those picadilloes, black colors enhance a car’s curves creating a visual presence of sleekness.

It leads your eyes beyond the color of the car into the lines.

Grey Mazda3 with grey rims.

It seems that the consumer preference for grey stems from its ability to hide dirt better than white or black.

It also stems from the fact that there are varying shades of grey to choose from.

Thirdly, the color grey is well-suited to black trims and dark wheels.

It’s an attractive compromise between all the colors (black) and the absence of color (white).

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Some people think that the color we choose for our cars is linked to the color of the technology around us.

We choose to subscribe to the notion, however, that a lot of the decision to buy a grey or black car likely has to do with resale value.

Do you know what color has the best resale value?

You’ll never guess.

Cars in car sales lot. Guess which color has the best resale value.

Analysts from iSeeCars compiled a list of 650,000 vehicles that came out in 2019 and sold between August 2021 and May 2022.

They then compared the original manufacturer’s retail price.

And after adjusting for inflation with the average price tags on the used vehicles, they found that yellow cars have the best resale value.

They also found that in over three years, the value of yellow cars only depreciated 4.5%.

Whereas the value of all other car colors included in the study lost 15% of their value.

A different study by Autolist found that red is a popular color if you want to get top dollar for your convertible.

And a stately black is the best color to fetch the most dollars when selling a pickup.

It’s Not All Black and White

The car we drive says something about who we are or the stage we are in life.

The color white has been the number one paint choice for years. It makes up about 75% of all new cars globally. 

But it’s not like automakers don’t offer more selection when it comes to car color. The color we choose for our ride says an awful lot about who we are too.

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