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11 Honda Cars with a Digital Speedometer (No More Games)

Honda Cars with a Digital Speedometer

The digital speedometer isn’t a new concept for the automotive industry – it’s been among us for decades.

Today, more cars are hitting show rooms with a digital speedometer.

They’ve advanced to become more useful than merely a flashy up-sale feature.

A digital speedometer enhances the driving experience by making glancing down at your dashboard a more intuitive experience.

Please pull up a seat and let’s take a look at some Honda cars with a digital speedometer.

1. Accord Aerodeck

Honda Accord Aerodeck

image source: Pinterest

If you lived in Japan, Europe or New Zealand from 1986 to 1989 you got to experience this car.

We got a different looking Accord hatchback here in the United States.

Not only is the speedometer digital, but the whole dash is digital right down to the fuel usage calculator.

2. S2000

Honda S2000

What happens when Formula 1 engineers get to build a sports car? You get the legendary Honda S2000.

Complete with quick acceleration and taught handling, it’s got the looks to make any auto enthusiast salivate.

The layout of the fully digital dash look changed from the AP1 (1999-2004) to AP2 (2004-2009) car.

3. CR-Z

Honda CR-Z

image source: Pinterest

The CR-Z was Honda’s ambitious attempt at making a sporty two-seater hybrid.

Although it tried to live up to the spirit of the second-generation CRX, (we’ll say it…) it failed, both in styling and performance.

But along with a six-speed manual transmission. It also came with this performance-focused dash that incorporated a digital speedometer.  

4. Accord

10th Gen Honda Accord

image source: Pinterest

With it’s 301-hp V6 engine, the latest Accord is a superb alternative for those looking to get off the beaten path of the latest SUV and crossover craze.

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It remains one of America’s best family cars with graceful handling and spacious interior to accommodate four grown adults comfortably.

Among the interior improvements is a new digital speedometer.

Here’s a video of how to access it.

5. Clarity

Honda Clarity

image source: Pinterest

If you’ve been shopping for a plug-in hybrid or a car with a hydrogen fuel cell. You’ve no doubt come across the Honda Clarity.

Introduced in 2018, it’s a mid-size family sedan. The fuel cell holds enough hydrogen for up to 360 miles of driving.

The digital dashboard is clean and simple with a digital speedometer right where it’s easy to read.

6. Insight

Honda Insight

image source: Road and Track

Introduced in 1999 as a two-seat hybrid electric vehicle.

The Honda Insight has undergone numerous starts and stops throughout it’s production run.

Frankly, we didn’t know Honda was still making this car until the research for this post.

But production about to end once again so the company can focus on electrifying the CR-V, Accord and Civic.

7. Civic

8th Generation Honda Civic dashboard

image source: HondaNews

Honda continued its trend with the high-revving Civic in the FD generation’s 8,000-rpm redline.

Available from 2006 to 2011, the coupe still looks fantastic with its highly raked windshield.

Honda has never been known for playing it safe when it comes to styling, prominently featuring the digital speedometer above the rest of the instrument cluster.

Even the latest model comes with a 7-inch instrument display incorporating both a digital speedometer and tachometer.

8. Passport

When Honda wanted to dip its toe into the growing SUV market in 1993, it rebadged the mid-size Isuzu Rodeo to hedge its investment.

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The plan worked. And the Honda Passport sold quite nicely with two generations from 1993 to 2002.

This gave the company the leverage it needed for the latest Passport, which features a stunning dash with a digital speedometer.

9. CR-V

5th Generation Honda CR-V dashboard

image source: PCMag

Did you know that CR-V means Comfortable Runabout Vehicle?

Not quite a car and not quite an SUV, the original Honda CR-V was one of the first compact crossovers competing against the likes of Toyota’s RAV4.

The latest CR-V features a digital speedometer, along with a pushbutton transmission.

10. Odyssey

5th Generation Honda Odyssey

image source: ZigWheels

Perhaps due to the runaway success that was Chrysler’s K-car platform-based Voyager, Town and Country and Caravan.

A minivan seemed like it should be a walk in the park for a company as solid as Honda.

It was not.

And Isuzu paid the price. Based on the hot selling Accord, the 1995-1998 Odyssey proves you can’t win them all.

Back to the drawing board and several years later, we now have the latest bus like Odyssey featuring a more spacious cabin along with a digital speedometer.

11. Ridgeline

2nd Generation Honda Ridgeline

image source: Pinterest

Like the Insight, we’re also surprised to find that the Honda Ridgeline is still a thing.

Especially given the reintroduction of the compact truck to US market. The Honda Pilot underpinnings are obvious when you drive it.

Maybe the appeal lies in the fact that it’s more fuel efficient than body on frame pickups like the Chevy Colorado and the latest Ford Ranger.

You even get a digital speedometer right up front where it’s hard to miss.

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