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8 Reasons Why the Honda Civic is Such a Great First Car

Honda Civic First Car

Honda released the two door Civic into the U.S. market in July of 1972.

This was only after two years of development which was an industry first. The first Civics were everything other small cars weren’t at the time.

Namely, fun to drive. Almost fifty years later, that statement hasn’t changed.

My brother’s first car was a 1994 Honda Civic DX coupe with a manual transmission. It was also his first tuner car.

There are many good reasons why this car is highly respected.

All the accolades are well deserved. There are also many good reasons that make the Honda Civic the perfect first car.

Let’s explore a few of them now.

1. Reliable

Older Civics are still viable options for a first car.

My first car was a Volvo 240 GL. It was reliable. To enjoy the experience of driving, what you want as a newly licensed driver is a reliable car.

Nothing robs you of the joy of driving like a car that’s always giving your problems. Honda Civics are reliable.

According to JD Power, the Honda Civic comes in second for reliability with a reliability score of 82 out of 100.

2. Easy to See

The fourth generation Civic sedan has one of the best greenhouses to see out of.

Another aspect that makes the Honda Civic a great first car is that every generation, including the 8th generation Civics with the steeply raked windshield (the coupe is my all-time favorite Civic design) feature large glass all around with a driving position that makes the driving task easy for a novice.

3. Economical to Own

Sixth generation Honda Civic.

With gas prices going everywhere but down, this is a question more prospective buyers are figuring into the car they’re shopping.

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Since its introduction, the Civic has always had a focus on delivering high MPG numbers which belie its sporty driving characteristics.

Average miles per gallon are well into the 30s with hybrid models seeing 50 and 60 MPG, easy.

4. Fun to Drive

This is what separates a Civic from a Corolla. While a Corolla will get you there economically. The Civic will get you there economically.

And makes you want to go for another drive once you do get there. My brother got his Civic when I had a Camaro.

We both got the opportunity to experience these cars back-to-back.

So, I can tell you from personal experience that driving a Civic is the most fun you’ll have behind the wheel this side of a sports car.

5. Great Resale Value

Eleventh generation Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic is the gift horse that keeps on giving. According to, it has one of the best resale values of any car.

The Honda sedan reportedly had an 8% increase in resale value. And the Civic is worth more in trade-in value.

6. Safe Car

Seventh generation Honda Civics are safe yet sporty.

Volvos are renowned for their safety. In fact, many now mainstream safety features originally came from Volvo cars.

I had two accidents with my Volvo as freshly licensed teen. I didn’t have one issue with the car as a result of those accidents.

Regrettably, the likelihood of a new driver getting into an accident is high. As such, the safety of your first car should be of upmost importance.

Every 2022 Honda model that has been fully evaluated by NHTSA has received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score.

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7. Many Models to Choose From

Different Honda Civic sedan trim levels to choose from.

You can pick one up in coupe, sedan, hatchback or two-seater (depending on the year model you select).

You can get it as a base model DX, LX, EX Si or Type R, again depending on the year model you choose.

For the most current Civics, the most basic Civic LX is both safe and practical with standard features like Bluetooth and a backup camera.

The sportiest Si is a great choice if you’re looking for a bit more style in your first ride.

You get 18-inch alloy wheels to go along with looks that are more aggressive than many Civic models.

8. Cheap Cost of Maintenance

Moded Seventh Gen Honda Civic Coupe.

Honda Civics have always been sensibly priced cars.

They also have a sensible cost of ownership. According to CarEdge, a Honda Civic will cost roughly $5,245 for maintenance and repairs in its first ten years of service.

That beats the national average of the most popular sedans by $1,851.