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Is a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Legal?

Is a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Legal

Short on funds and desperate to change the way your vehicle sounds?

Maybe you should check out Cherry Bomb exhaust mufflers. Not only have they been designed to deliver your vehicle with an aggressive sound.

But what makes them so attractive is their low barrier of entry.

Installing a Cherry Bomb exhaust muffler on your vehicle is legal as long as it doesn’t exceed the sound limits of your area – acceptable sound levels vary from state to state.  

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a Cherry Bomb exhaust.

What’s a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Muffler?

A Cherry Bomb exhaust is a type of Glass Pack muffler.

The design is simple: one smaller tube is centered inside a larger tube that’s swollen in the middle.

What’s a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Muffler

What makes it a Glasspack muffler is that sandwiched between the swollen part of the larger tube and smaller tube is a pack of fiberglass.

Cherry Bomb mufflers are powder coated red giving them their unique distinction.

The Way a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Muffler Works

The main focus of Cherry Bomb mufflers is to provide the ultimate sound to your car, truck or SUV.

A Cherry Bomb exhaust muffler is a straight through muffler designed by the principle that much of the beautiful sound created by an engine is dampened by stock mufflers.

A Cherry Bomb exhaust eliminates much of that sound absorbing material leaving behind the rich sound of your engine’s exhaust note.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust vs. Resonator

A Cherry Bomb muffler and resonator both reduce exhaust sound. Due to their similar shape glass pack mufflers are sometimes confused with resonators.

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The difference is that a Cherry Bomb exhaust uses fiberglass packing to reduce noise. While resonators are designed by acoustic engineers to carefully craft the exhaust tone of a vehicle.

Cherry Bomb Exhaust and Horsepower

Besides delivering great sound.

Another thing that Cherry Bomb has been committed to delivering with their mufflers since 1968 is increased horsepower.

When it comes to an exhaust system what can hamper horsepower is back pressure – back pressure is created by restrictions to positive exhaust flow.

As part of the exhaust system a Cherry Bomb muffler reduces back pressure with its straight through design.

Cost of a Cherry Bomb Exhaust

Cost of a Cherry Bomb Exhaust

This is what makes Cherry Bomb exhausts such a sweet option if your strapped for cash but want to give your vehicle the distinctively aggressive exhaust tone it deserves.

Due to the simplicity of a Cherry Bomb exhaust, you can easily pick one up for your ride for less than $100!

But You May Want to Rethink a Cherry Bomb Exhaust

One of my favorite sayings is that if something is cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. A Cherry Bomb exhaust is no exception.

Aside from the legality of installing one on your ride.

Another reason why you might reconsider installing a Cherry Bomb exhaust on your vehicle is that they’re not known for their longevity – when they get old they don’t sound that great.

They also require a lot of maintenance. And may not work on every vehicle.  

Cherry Bomb Catalytic Converters

Among other exhaust system components, Cherry Bomb also offers replacement catalytic converters.

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Catalytic converter theft has been on the rise, especially since supply chain issues have affected the automotive manufacturing industry.

Replacing a catalytic converter can cost up to $3,000.

Cherry Bomb offers cost-effective alternatives to OEM cats. (We are not affiliated with Cherry Bomb.)

What a Cherry Bomb Exhaust Smells Like

So, remember how we said that Cherry Bomb exhausts are powder coated red to give it that distinct appearance?

Well, turns out that another disadvantage to Cherry Bomb exhausts is that as the finish and/or protective oils burn off you’ll notice a peculiar smell.

A Cherry Bomb Exhaust and Your Insurance Premiums

Add on features – that is parts and accessories that don’t come standard with your vehicle – can cause your insurance premiums to increase.

If you’re truly concerned about your rates going up, check with your insurance provider before installing a Cherry Bomb exhaust.