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Stock vs Modified Cars (Making Your Car Your Own)

Stock vs Modified Cars

There are some cars that I think that the manufacturer got so right that I would be reluctant to change any aspect of it. The Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo instantly comes to mind.

Mechanically and aesthetically it’s such a thing of beauty that I wouldn’t dream of altering it in any way.

Then there are some cars that, however, that invite modification. Once you see them your mind races with possibilities.

The Jeep Cherokee XJ is just such a car for me. When I get one, the first thing I’m doing is fitting it with wheel spacers and five spoke ARE rims from the 90s.

Stock Cars Are Worth More

The Dodge Stealth RT Turbo looks so incredible stock.

When it’s time to sell, a bone stock car is generally worth more than one that’s been modified.

I say generally because if the modifications you’ve made to the car are items you would get in higher trim levels, like a sunroof or factory rims rather than steel wheels with hubcaps.

These improvements should fetch your more coin.

Otherwise, if you’re better off returning your car to its stock form before putting it on the market. While you might think those black rims look clean.

They might be the reason why a potential buyer walks away from buying your car.

People Modify Cars to Make it Their Own

An exhaust upgrade is common mod on cars like Mustangs.

The whole point of modifying a car is to personalize it and add your own personal touch.

It’s not just about aesthetics this could also be changing out the stock exhaust for Magnaflow mufflers which is a common modification for owners of Mustangs.

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I know because I wanted to have that done to the Stang that I owned when I was twenty right before I wrecked it.

Tuning a Car Make Can Make It Faster

An ECU by a company like Lohen is a modification for unleashing a lot of power from your car.

These days on modern engines tuning a car can be as simple as remapping the ECU. Chip tuning rewrites the code within your car’s engine to change spark timing, fuel economy, boost, etc.

But the first step to tuning any car is to identify the goals you have for the car. In short, what kind of performance are you hoping to achieve with an ECU tune?

Then, all that’s required is research and patience as you tune.

Modifying a Car Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Modifying your car can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.

There are many different levels of modification you can do to any car.

Modifying your car can be as simple as changing the color of the lug nuts. Or it can be as extensive as going dropping in a completely different engine and transmission.

It’s all up to you.

Really, the sky is the limit. Or rather the limit is your imagination.

Painting your car even if it’s a fresher coat of the same color tends to be one of the most expensive modifications you can make to a car because you want it done right. And quality costs money.

Easily Modifiable Cars

Honda Civics and Ford Mustangs are among the most easily modifiable cars.

Based on experience, I’m going to say that Honda Civics are the most easily modifiable cars when it comes to imports. And the Ford Mustang is the easiest car to modify when it comes to muscle cars.


I’ve owned both. And can say that the resources available for anything you might dream up is virtually limitless which includes all the people you meet in person and in forums ready and willing to lend their know how and expertise.

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The Car That Gets Modified the Most

Honda Civics and Ford Mustangs tend to get modified a lot.

It depends on what part of the world you live in.

But when it comes to the United States, I’m going to have to go with the Honda Civic.

Specifically, the ones from the 1980s and 90s followed by again the Ford Mustang and these will include the Fox bodies and the SN95 which all share the same chassis. I have no empirical data to back me up.

But again, this answer is based on experience and the cars I’ve seen at events or personally raced against.

To Modify or Not to Modify

You can leave your car stock. But there's nothing wrong with making it you're own, within the confines of the law of course.

It depends on you.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a car stock. After all the manufacturer went through a great deal of effort to bring the car to market.

No matter how cheap or expensive, there’s a lot of research and development that goes into creating a car for the market for which it was intended.

But there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to personalize your ride so that you can pick it out in a crowded parking lot.

But certainly, when you go to sell your car you’ll want to keep it stock to ensure you get top dollar.

Modifying Your Car and Insurance

It might be worth checking how a modification might effect your insurance rates.

You’ll want to contact your insurance to get the best answer.

I’m not an auto insurance professional so take everything I’m about to say here with a grain of salt.

From what I gather, modifying your car can increase your insurance premiums if the insurance company finds that the modification added value to your car.

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Upgrading to leather seats and adding a sunroof are examples of modifications that can add to the value of your car thereby increasing how much it costs to ensure it.

Most Common Modification on Cars

Rims and an exhaust are among the most common car mods.

I’ve already mentioned some of the most common modifications.

Along with rims or an exhaust system. Lowering a car dramatically changes not only its looks, but its handling.

When my brother bought his Honda Civic in high school this is the first modification he made to the car which he did the same weekend.

Other common modifications include changing out the stereo system and tinting the window for privacy. These are some of the first modifications I like doing to my cars.

A super easy modification someone might make to a car is putting a wheel cover on the steering wheel.

This is one of the first modifications my Dad liked making to his cars along with installing fuzzy seat covers. Not my thing, but to each his own.