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What is the Loudest Exhaust System?

What is the Loudest Exhaust System

An exhaust system is responsible for directing exhaust gases and fumes away from an engine.

At the end of an exhaust system is a muffler whose primary job is to reduce the amount of noise created by exhaust gases as they pass through the system.

One reason why you may be looking for the loudest aftermarket exhaust system is to get more sonic feedback from a quiet motor.

But there’s a fine line between loud and obnoxious – you don’t want to be loud at the expense of sound quality.

Below are some of the loudest exhaust systems on the market. Before you choose one it’s not a bad idea to check with your state, local laws and ordinances to find out how loud is too loud.

Flowmaster Outlaw

Flowmaster is known for using high-quality materials backed by extensive research and development for every muffler they offer.

Flowmaster Outlaw

The Flowmaster Oulaw Series are dyno-tuned exhaust systems designed to boost horsepower and provide your vehicle with a deep aggressive sound that’s sure to make you smile.

The Flowmaster Outlaw is by far one of the loudest mufflers for your exhaust system. But it’s made strictly for track use only.

Flowmaster Super 10

Flowmaster exhaust systems use what’s called Delta Flow technology which works to dampen interior sound levels. But not completely.

This means you’ll be able to hear your vehicle’s sweet, aggressive exhaust tone even when you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes.

Flowmaster’s Super Series mufflers have different options to choose from as we’ll get into. But if you want the biggest sound? The Super 10 Series is the only way to go.

Flowmaster Super 10

Finished in matte black, it’s constructed of durable 409S stainless steel. That means you get supreme durability and resistance to corrosion.

It features a compact design that allows it to fit on practically any car, truck or SUV.

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The short single chamber design is what allows the Super 10 to produce a loud racer car tone. As such, like the Outlaw.

Flowmaster strongly recommends the Super 10 for track and other non-highway uses only.

Flowmaster Super 44 Series

The Super 44 Series is the performance muffler you choose when you want your exhaust system to be loud, but not as loud as the Super 10 or Outlaw.

Building on the chambered design of the Super 40 Series, the Super 44 delivers a deeper resonating tone.

It’s the most aggressive four-inch case street muffler that Flowmaster makes.

Flowmaster Super 44 Series

The result is the kind of loud, distinctive engine rumble that’s associated with high-performance automobiles.

The Super 44 uses stainless steel in its construction for an incredibly durable muffler.

And the compact design allows it to be more versatile when it comes to installation.

Flowmaster Super 40 Series

The 40 Series mufflers is among Flowmaster’s original designs.

Which is to say that it’s a modified version of the original 40 Series. This means that you’re going to get that signature sound you expect from a Flowmaster.

But the distinctive rumble isn’t as loud as the Super 44 Series.

Flowmaster Super 40 Series

That said, the Super 40 Series mufflers have an aggressive tone you’ll hear even inside your vehicle.

This is the result of a dual-chambered design – the fewer the chambers, the louder the exhaust.

You can get them with different inlet and outlet designs.

Flowmaster’s 40 Series mufflers are either made from 409 stainless or aluminized steel.

You can choose stainless steel which is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Or aluminized steel which can hold up in dryer climates like the American southwest.

Hooker Aero Chamber Series

Made of all aluminum and stainless steel, Hooker’s Aero Chamber Series muffler is designed to produce a deep, throaty and powerful sound.

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The Aero Chamber uses a proprietary step principle similar to what racing teams often use in their racing header design.

This allows the aerodynamically designed chambers to flow 23% better to produce more horsepower and torque than most high-performance mufflers.

Made of a sixteen-gauge aluminized steel case, the stainless-steel perforated plates within the housing eliminates internal rust.

Hooker Aero Chamber Series

The aerodynamic lens directs sound pressure waves into the acceleration chamber.

The stepped acceleration chamber increases (accelerates) the exhaust velocity for maximum flow.

A resonance chamber and tuning tube is what cancels out unwanted noise. The aerodynamic lens directs sound pressure waves out of the muffler.

And the sound absorption chamber gets you those high frequency sound waves for a loud exhaust with none of the sound you don’t want.

MagnaFlow NEO Series

This is a catback exhaust system that represents 40 years of exhaust development.

The sound from the NEO series is aggressive.

But it’s not so harsh that the interior of your car is an uncomfortable place to be when you don’t really want to be on the throttle.

This is due to MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology.

MagnaFlow NEO Series

The NEO Series is an evolution in MagnaFlow’s exhaust sound.

It’s been engineered and enhanced to keep up with the advanced technology of modern performance vehicles.

Every NEO Series muffler is designed for maximum airflow to ensure performance across the entire powerband.

Not only that but you can attach any 5-inch tip you want to complete the look of your vehicle.

It’s made of robust stainless steel and cut with advanced 3D scanning and CNC manufacturing.

MagnaFlow xMOD Universal Series

These modular performance exhaust systems give you the ability to choose your own loud sound.

xMOD mufflers also use MagnaFlow’s signature noise-cancelling NDT (No Drone Technology). This keeps unwanted noises at bay when you’re cruising at lower speeds.

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MagnaFlow xMOD Universal Series

By using quality materials. The xMOD Universal Muffler kits include several components and modules made of durable 304 stainless steel construction.

The result is a truly universal muffler you’ll be happy to attach to your car, truck or SUV.

What also makes the xMOD Universal Series unique to MagnaFlow’s other offerings is the modular design afforded by precision CNC robotic manufacturing.

The internal bypass piping diverts away from the muffler’s main straight-through piping to its own exhaust port.

This is what helps you achieve that degree of loudness you want to hear from your vehicle.

Paradox Hot Tamale Performance

Most performance mufflers on the market manipulate backpressure, sound absorption or deflection to encourage a deeper tone.

Along with the Hot Tamale, Paradox Mufflers has created a category all its own by introducing the world’s first mechanically activated performance muffler to deliver a superior loud sound and flow.

This gives the Hot Tamale a high sound quality and drone control thanks to a revolutionary design engineered to bring out the unique sound of your engine.

Paradox Hot Tamale Performance

Paradox’s patented Tuning Fork Technology works to deliver a deep and more complex exhaust tone that you can hear at idle and under acceleration.

At the same time, these mufflers are designed to be quieter at highway speeds reducing and even eliminating exhaust drone.

Part of the secret is a design that avoids weak points that can be exploited by heat. Exhaust heat leads to expanding and contracting. Over time, this can lead to breaks and cracks in the muffler.