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Who Buys White Cars? (What a White Car Says About You)

Who Buys White Cars

Scientifically, the color white keeps a car cool. But temperature is not the only reason why people buy white cars.

In 2022, white cars made up 35% of all cars sold globally. Black and grey tie for a distant second at 19%.

This is according to the latest study from Axalta – a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings for cars.

The predilection for the color white doesn’t seem to be entirely up to consumer preference, however.

In many cases, more distinctive hues demand an additional charge. Often, depending on the car you’re looking at.

White paint can be a no-cost option. But not always.

Depending on the car you choose, if you go for the elegant, premium finish of a metallic, pearlescent or multi-coat paint job.

You’ll often wind up paying more.

Why Do Many Buyers Opt for a White Car?

White cars are cheaper because white is typically a production color and subsequently cheaper to produce.

Whereas other colors require their own production paths, which is why they cost extra even though the cost of paint is about the same.

Should You Buy a White Car?

While white certainly seems to be a popular color for most car buyers. Is this a color you should consider next time you head down to the dealership?

It’s hard to argue with the decision to choose white as many cars look good in white. It’s a good color worth considering for any new car.

Do White Cars Have Better Resale Value?

White on a car can improve its resale value. It has broad appeal with used car buyers.

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If the car you want to buy today is something you’ll be trading in within the next year or two, it may be worth choosing white to maximize resale value.

If, however, the car you’re buying is going to live with you for the next decade or so, live a little.

Give yourself permission to go for a hue that suits you better. After all, the car will be an extension of you as much as the color.

White Cars Tend to Be Cooler

White is the absence of color.

A white surface is a great heat and light reflector, which means a white car won’t absorb as much energy from the sun as cars finished in darker hues.

And since white doesn’t absorb heat, the interior of the car isn’t as hot on long, warm sunny days.

But while white is a great option for cars in hot sunny countries.

Making the same argument is challenging if you live somewhere like Canada or Great Britain.

White Cars Are Common

Again, 38% of all new cars sold globally are a shade of white.

If you’re the type of person that wants a car that’s going to stand out in the mall parking lot, a white car isn’t for you.

Along with being a common color, white cars like black cars are tough to keep clean. If you’re fastidious about keeping your car looking pristine.

A white car makes it super easy for everyone to tell when you haven’t given it a wash.