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4 Enlightening Reasons Why Women’s Cars Are So Messy

Why Women’s Cars Are Messy

Why are women’s cars messy?

In most cases, women’s cars tend to be more cluttered than men’s – the research backs it up. It’s routinely littered with food wrappers, spare clothes and dog hair.

And whether it’s fair or not, the fact is that what’s often euphemized as an organized mess reflects poorly on the owner of the car.

But for many women, everything has a purpose for being where it is even if that’s in a jumbled mess.

Here are four reasons why women’s cars are messy, along with useful tips to keep your car looking classy, like you.

Women Don’t Have the Same Love Affair with Their Car as Men Do

One reason why women's cars are messy is because they have a different relationship with it than men do.

On any given Saturday, you can find men tinkering, polishing and caressing their car.

But for most women, a car is a car. A way to get from point A to point B.

Since statistics show that women buy cars more often than men, maybe there’s something to take away from the relationship men have with their car.

After all, just because your car isn’t a Rolls Royce isn’t a reason to treat it like a closet.

A simple way to keep your car neat and tidy is to store scarves, shoes, jackets and anything that doesn’t need to be around you in a sturdy organizer.

This one from Fortem even has a non-slip bottom and securing straps so it stays exactly where you need it.

Just Too Busy to Worry About Keeping It Clean

Another reason why women's cars get so messy is because of the number of hours a week spent in them.

According to Ketchum’s Daily Ride Index, drivers spend close to 11 hours a week in their car.

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This includes shuttling the kids to and from clarinet lessons; soccer practice; basketball practice; going to the gym; trips to the grocery store; picking up prescriptions and don’t forget the occasional road trip.

With all this activity, a car is going to get messy.

One idea that seems to work is keeping a duffle bag in the trunk for things like workout clothes to keep things organized.

The idea here is to remove stuff that doesn’t belong in your car permanently.

Get your kids to pitch in too.

They love to help. You can even make a game of it where after every car trip they put things back where they belong.

This will also eliminate the number of items that should be in your home from winding up in your car.

Sometimes Times, the Mess Isn’t Even Womens

Often, the mess in women's cars come from inconsiderate passengers.

Even if you don’t have kids, you can still wind up with a messy car with lot of mystery items that aren’t even yours.


Because women tend to be more social than men which necessarily means that more often than not, they carry passengers.

Passengers that aren’t always considerate about tidying up after themselves like college kids on spring break.

But an easy fix for this is to set some guidelines for anyone riding in your car – men do it all the time and it works.

Chiefly, whatever anyone brings into your car has to leave with that person.

Set ground rules about eating and drinking; leaving waste behind; or anything that leads to a messy car.

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Let anyone riding in your car know that if they’re going to eat and drink in your car, they have to take their refuse with them when they leave.

Not only will this leave your car spotless from future unidentifiable cups, wrappers, clothes, bottles and everything else usually left strewn throughout the cabin.

But your passengers will respect you a lot more for it.

Everything In Here, I Need

One way to prevent more stuff than necessary from winding up in your car is to ask yourself if you really need it.

Yeah, but do you really?

Not that you should empty your car of all essentials like a tire changing kit or Kleenex. But when are those old food wrappers from Wendy’s going to come in handy? Or the tutu your niece left in your back seat?

If you’re always running late somewhere, it’s easy to let these things pile up. Try an easy-to-use product like Tossit.

It’s a car specific garbage bag that hangs off the passenger-side headrest. Once full, it tears off easy with minimal effort.

And the adhesive strip seals away the mess before you throw it in a trash can.